First graders to the Georgian-American School of Batumi are admitted in accordance with the Procedure for Admission of Students to Secondary Education Institutions and Suspension of their Student Status.

The process of admission starts in the spring, with the admission precondition being that candidates have reached the age of 6 before the beginning of the first term. Students are selected on the basis of an interview enabling us to learn how well prepared they are for school life. If the candidate meets the admission criteria, they and their parents or legal guardians get familiarized with the school routines and regulations. After familiarization with the aforementioned documents, parents or legal guardians write a statement and fill in the student registration form which is forwarded to the director.

Required Documents

  • Two notarized copies of the original birth certificates;
  • Two 3x4 photos;
  • Health notice;
  • Copies of the parents’ ID cards or passports

Registration for Information Meeting

In order to get further information, the Georgian-American School of Batumi is inviting you to individual meetings. Fill in a simple registration form, specify a suitable time and visit us.

At the meeting, you will be provided with the possibility to look around the School Campus and get comprehensive information on the educational and extracurricular programs of the school and its clubs.